Vesper + Sazerac

“Mixology Noir” is a series of standalone horror/noir/crime stories inspired by craft cocktails: the people who drink them, the places they are made, and the deeper, twisted ways they affect our lives.

It will be published in double-feature printed books, with each book containing two stories printed back-to-back with a cover on each side.

Book 1: VESPER + SAZERAC - coming late 2022

  • Written by Evan Carothers
  • Art by Vlad Vov (SAZERAC)
  • Colors by Wem Seven (SAZERAC)
  • Art by Martin Gimenez (VESPER)
  • Colors by TBD (VESPER)
  • Edited by Eric Palicki
  • Letters by Evan Carothers
  • Cover by Bryce Yzaguirre
  • Special illustrations by Diego Porto


After fighting with his wife, a man seeking a drink finds himself in a mysterious bar populated with long-forgotten gods, and quickly learns the price of over-indulgence as their influences interweave with the effects of the alcohol.

Teaser Teaser


An entitled woman gets a fresh outlook on the meaning of family after stopping for a quick vodka turns into her being chained to a pipe in the basement, held captive by a Russian kidnapping ring.

Teaser Teaser


A work in progress, more info to be announced soon!