The Ignis Quadrant

  • Written by Evan Carothers
  • Art by Jezreel Rojales
  • Colors by Mariam Yasser
  • Color covers by Kurt Michael Russel
  • Edited by Bob Salley
  • Letters by Justin [LETTERSQUIDS] and Marco Della Verde

Some folks would describe THE IGNIS QUADRANT as a story as that of a man afraid to let go of the past, as he deals with shame and regret, while unknowingly searching for a purpose. Others (including myself) would just describe it as a not-so-serious jaunt around a familiar yet unique space setting, cut with halfway-decent humor and a big splash of action and adventure.

THE IGNIS QUADRANT world and characters draw from a plethora of influencing sources - from science fiction classics like Star Wars® and Firefly, to spaghetti westerns of yesteryear, and even pulp staples like Back to the Future and Indiana Jones. You’ll feel right at home in the Ignis Quadrant - comfortable and familiar - while also finding yourself exploring something entirely new and exciting!

THE IGNIS QUADRANT has crowdfunded 4 issues, with issue #5 and the collected Volume #1 on Kickstarter right now!

Read the Prequel

You can read the free #0 prequel issue free online at GlobalComix or download the DRM-Free PDF or CBZ HERE.

You can buy digital versions of issues #1, #2, #3 and #4 in the Shop.

How to Die in the Quad

In addition to the series, we’ve been hard at work on an amazing anthology that takes place in The ignis Quadrant.

HOW TO DIE IN THE QUAD features a selection of 7 page stories from some of your favorite indie and published sci-fi authors and artists, all taking place in The Ignis Quad universe and all themed with one central overarching theme – Death!

The anthology is well on it’s way to completion (about 85%) and will come to Kickstarter after we wrap up Issue #5 of the series – stay tuned for lots more info on that!

How to Die in the Quad title